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Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby that can provide you with fresh delicious raw honey, beeswax, and pollination for your garden.

It's also a great way to meet other beekeepers and learn about the craft.

However, beekeeping can be a little daunting initially, which is why beekeeping mentoring and education can be so valuable, especially in your first year as a beginner. A good mentor can help you learn the ropes and avoid common mistakes. They can also provide invaluable support and guidance when things go wrong.

So if you're thinking about beekeeping, join our Beekeeping Apprentice Mentoring, Course & Support Program so we can help you through those first crucial steps.

It could make all the difference in your success as a beekeeper.

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Online Beekeeping Mentoring (One-on-One)

2 Sessions per Beekeeping Season direct with Nathan Stewart our Lead Beekeeping Instructor

Over 25+ convenient

Video-Based Lessons

Plus Bonus
Checklists & Downloadable Guides

Group MasterClasses

Live Online Classes covering key seasonal topics to help you every step of the way.

Over 25+ convenient
Video-Based Lessons, Checklists and Downloadable Guides including…

  • Discover the life cycle of the honey bee
  • Download Hive Inspection Checklists and Record-Keeping Templates
  • A guide to creating a bee-friendly garden 
  • Honey Harvesting Tutorials 
  • Learn how to recognise common pests and diseases 
  • Get educated on your Biosecurity requirements as a Beekeeper 
  • Learn how to manage aggressive bees 
  • Discover what requeening is, how to do it, and when to do it 
  • Learn how to prepare your colony for Winter 
  • Best practices for feeding your bees
  • Plus much more!

  Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping
  • Beekeeping Equipment & different Hive Styles
  • Locating your Hive & Hive Setup
  • Three Types Of Honey Bees & The Life-cycle Of A Honey Bee
  • Hive Inspections - Part 1 - Identifying Elements of a Beehive + Important Observations
  • Hive Inspections - Part 2 - Hive Inspection Process & Hive Inspection Demonstration
  • Swarm Management (Prevention)
  • Bee Biosecurity (Pests & Diseases)
  • Bee Friendly Gardens
  • Requeening Hives
  • Common Problems - Bees Swarming & Catching a Swarm
  • Common Problems - Poor Temperament / Aggressive Bees
  • Honey Harvesting Flow Hives
  • Honey Harvesting - Traditional Langstroth Hive including Honeycomb
  • Common Problems - Starvation / Feeding Bees
  • Overwintering
Meet your Instructor:

Nathan Stewart

As a former digital marketing executive, Nathan Stewart found the tranquillity of observing bees at work to be deeply relaxing. But after buying his very first colony he quickly realised there was a lot more to learn about beekeeping than he initially anticipated.

Nathan's thirst for knowledge grew by the day as he became increasingly 'addicted' to Beekeeping. But what he found was it was difficult to access the information he needed in just one location online. On top of that, the info that he could find wasn't easily consumable in his limited free time.

That's when Nathan had the idea for Beekeeping Apprentice - an online hub where new beekeepers could find helpful, fun, and educational content all in one place. By creating a platform where people can learn at their own pace and share their own experiences, Nathan hopes to make beekeeping more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Recent Reviews

Graeme Stuchbery

We were given the bee keeping tour as a gift and loved every minute of it. Our host Nathan was very informative and friendly, a great beginners introduction to bee keeping. We are now looking forward to starting our own bee hive.

Mathew Mclardy
Nathan Is very committed to the bees and it rubs off in his work with them. Would definitely recommend. Very generous, kind and let’s you know what you need to know as a beginner without flooding you with too much information to over complicate things. Was very nervous at the start but end result was very enjoyable experience.

Tom Goldner
I just had the best day! Nathan delivered a beautiful, healthy Nuc and gave me my first hands on bee šŸ experience. I’d recommend this to anybody starting a hive. I feel comfortable and like I have great information thanks to Nathan. Cheers!

Rosemary Dean
We purchased our Nuc hive from Nathan. The time between order and receipt gave us a chance to prepare the site and get some background information. Nathan was fantastic, any queries were responded to. We picked the hive up on Sunday and moved them into the 8 frame box the following Wednesday. The bees are expanding into the empty frames and are very busy and active. I recommend Beehivesforsale to anyone contemplating setting up hives, for both service and the quality of the bees. Thank you Nathan.

Nathan is excellent. We were very impressed with his knowledge and continued support throughout purchasing the bees and aftersales advice and encouragement with transferring the nuc and caring for our bees. Thank you Nathan! Legend..!

Eva Fonnes
My 12 year old son and I purchased a nuc and mentoring session from Nathan, and we are both really impressed and grateful. Nathan is an excellent and very knowledgable teacher, and a really nice guy as well.He answered all of our questions, helped us set up the hive and we now feel really confident that we can look after our bees well. Setting up the beehive was past of my sons school project, and Nathan was very happy to let him take the lead. Thanks a lot Nathan, this has been a really great experience.

We look forward to sharing with you our experience and helping you get started in beekeeping confidently as a backyard or beginner beekeeper.

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