Immerse yourself
in the world
of a Beekeeper
for a day!

Comprehensive Beekeeping Workshop for Beginners

Immerse yourself in the world of a Beekeeper for a day!

Comprehensive Beekeeping Workshop for Beginners

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Have you been thinking about becoming a Beekeeper but unsure whether you’re ready to make the full commitment?

Or perhaps you’ve already bought some beekeeping equipment, maybe even got your bees, but are looking to advance your knowledge and confidence in Beekeeping while having a truly unique experience.

Whatever the case, this one day workshop is for you!

When you join us at the beautiful Rivers of Yarrambat for one of our Beginner Beekeeping Workshops, you’ll gain all the essential knowledge and tips about becoming a confident backyard hobbyist beekeeper. 

Dive into the world of bees with hands-on hive experience alongside seasoned beekeepers. 

You’ll learn; 

  • Join us in the hive: hands-on learning with expert beekeepers at your side. Go beyond the books and YouTube: feel the thrill of opening your first hives with us. Together we'll inspect Flow Hives, HiveIQs, Apimaye and Traditional Wooden Langstroth Hives.
  • Best practices and essential know-how as a Beekeeper
  • The different types of bees and the inner workings of a hive
  • The essential equipment and supplies you’ll need to have on hand if you decide to take up beekeeping at home
  • The different types of hives you can choose from including a practical demonstration of a FlowHive versus a traditional Langstroth Hive
  • Selecting and setting up and ideal location for your hive
  • Mastering a hive inspection - what to look for, frequency of inspections, and record keeping.
  • How to maintain a healthy hive including bee biosecurity and protecting honey bees from established and exotic pests.
  • How to harvest raw honey from your hive 
  • Seasonal considerations
  • Plus much more!

Turn theory into practice: explore live hives in our interactive beekeeping workshop.

Discover the art of beekeeping through direct, hands-on hive experience.

Spaces are
strictly limited to 18 people per workshop so it’s highly recommended you book well in advance to ensure you don't miss out on this amazing hands-on experience. We run these popular Beekeeping Courses in the busiest part of the beekeeping season just a few times a year, places are genuinely limited and always sell out. Bookings well in advance are essential.

Beginner Beekeeping
Workshop Itinerary

  • Event Starts 8:00 am -  Welcome and complimentary coffee
  • Beginner Beekeeping Foundation Knowledge
  • Morning Tea: Scones Jam & Cream with a refreshing Honey Tonic
  • Hive Setup & Equipment
  • Colony Acquisition & Placement
  • Hive Management & Bee Health
  • Working the Hives: Suiting up, Lighting Smokers and doing multiple Hive Inspections together (Flow Hives, HiveIQ, Apimaye and traditional Wooden Langstroth)
  • Honey Harvest
  • Q&A Session
  • Lunch
  • Event Concludes at 12 noon


$295 for singles
$495 for couples (save $95!)

Saturday, Oct 12, 2024 - BOOK NOW
Sunday, November 24, 2024 - BOOK NOW
Sunday, December 7, 2024 - BOOK NOW
Rivers of Yarrambat 28 Kurrak Rd, Yarrambat VIC 3091 (26km North-East of Melbourne CBD)
• 4 Hour Beginner Beekeeping Workshop
• Tea/Coffee in the morning
• Refreshing Honey Tonics, Scones Jam and Cream

• Lunch
• Rental of Bee Suit, Gloves & Gaiters (if required)
• Workbook
• Beekeeping Showbag to take home (Value $75) including 500g of Nathan's own Maya'Xala Honey, Workbook & Hive Inspection Records, other Beekeeping Goodies)

Added Bonus (10% Flow Hive Discount):
One of the benefits of attending this event is that, as we are a Flow Certified Ambassador, attendees of the event have the opportunity to receive a 10% Discount on their Flow Hive for qualifying purchases. Please contact us for more details if you are thinking of buying a Flow Hive. (Terms & Conditions Apply)
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About your Instructors

Nathan Stewart is a full-time dedicated Beekeeping instructor based in Melbourne, Australia.

Each year, Nathan helps over 300 Beginner Beekeepers to get a strong confident start. 

For Nathan, beekeeping is more than just a hobby gone wild, it's a passion. Beekeeping puts him more in touch with nature, his local community and genuinely helps him to de-stress and be a happier version of himself.

Recent Reviews

Anita S.

January 2023

Such an amazing day learning about the amazing world of bees! I feel so much more confident jumping into bee keeping and Nathan (as well as his partner Candice!) was so knowledgeable and helpful. Could not recommend this more if you are wanting to get into bee keeping!

Antony Braakhuis

November 2022

Fantastic half day course. Nathan covers all you need to know to start out in Backyard beekeeping and has a friendly, enjoyable presentation style in a comfortable setting. I've been thinking about getting bees for some time. This intro reinforced what I had already read and gave me the confidence to take the next steps. The live hive inspections with full suits provided a good practical experience.

Rebecca S.

January 2024

Amazing workshop, Nathan was very informative and knowledgeable. He explained things very clearly and had a lot of patience with the hive inspections as well. I would highly recommend Nathan.
Thank you for giving me the confidence to go and pursue being a beekeeper!


Meet Scott

Scott shares two years of beekeeping experiences in Hurstbridge Victoria Australia. He discusses why he recommends beginner beekeepers buy a nucleus of bees over catching swarms and as a Carpenter and Furniture maker, he decorated his Langstroth Hive and built a 32 frame Horizontal Langstroth in his workshop.


Meet Mick

Hear Mick Wilmott, discussing his experience in getting into beekeeping on a Rooftop Terrace in the centre of Melbourne's CBD.

See how Urban Rooftop Beekeeping is not only possible but has had a positive impact on our ecosystem.


Meet Krissy

Krissy is a Backyard Beekeeper, based in Wallan, Victoria Australia. She has enjoyed working with Nathan Stewart and Beekeeping Apprentice as she built her confidence, setup her flow hive, installed a strong colony of bees and harvested loads of honey all in her first year of beekeeping!

Food & Drinks included...

Tea / Coffee / Chai / Hot Chocolate

Morning Tea
Honey Tonics with scones, jam and cream

-Gourmet Bagels

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We look forward to sharing with you our experience and helping you get started in beekeeping confidently as a backyard or beginner beekeeper.

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