Beekeeping Courses for Beginners

Learn how to become a confident backyard urban Beekeeper.

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Live Beekeeping Workshop

Live Beekeeping Workshops

Immerse yourself in the world of a Beekeeper for a day at one of our Live Workshops. Join us for one of these unique introductory beekeeping short courses as we share a wonderful day at the beautiful Rivers of Yarrambat (Just 26km North-East of Melbourne CBD in Victoria).

Gain confidence as we teach you some of the foundation knowledge of backyard beekeeping. Then we'll suit up and lift the lid of a busy beehive for a fascinating hands­-on exploration of an active, living beehive!

Complete Beekeeping Workshop (Melbourne, Australia)
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Online Beekeeping Course

Online BeekeepingĀ CourseĀ & Beekeeper Connect Community Enrolments Opening Soon

Learn how to become a confident Backyard Beekeeper today by joining our Online Academy, Live Classes and Beekeeper Connect Community from the comfort of your own home.Ā 

JoinĀ our Online Beekeeping Course and get the support you need. We'll give you confidence and support through your first years of Backyard Beekeeping making the experience more enjoyable and successful.Ā Learn more

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Ready to take the leap into backyard beekeeping?

Join a community of passionate beekeepers who will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your success from day one. Our experienced mentors will share their expertise, helping you avoid common pitfalls and fast-track your beekeeping skills.

By registering your interest today, you'llĀ receive an invitationĀ to our online course and upcoming classes and beekeeping tips.

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You will need a hive and some essential equipment including a bee suit, gloves, hive tool, and smoker to get started in beekeeping. While many hives will be effective and good for bees, here are our three favourite hives we use and recommend to Backyard Beekeepers.

After participating in our Live Workshops you will also be eligible for a discount at Flow Hive if you choose this option.

Flow Hive
Flow Hive
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Apimaye Hives
Apimaye Hives
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Hive IQ
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Order your Bees

 Each season we breed our own superior-quality queens and carefully prepare a selection of nucleus hives (nucs) and accelerated starter colonies designed to be perfect for a beginner beekeeper. Investing in one of our healthy strong colonies with a docile calm temperament will make your beekeeping vastly more enjoyable and successful. We currently operate 3 pickup locations around Melbourne - South Morang, VIC (29km NE of Melbourne CBD), Geelong, VIC and Mt Eliza, VIC (Mornington Peninsula). If you prefer, you can upgrade to our Delivery & Onsite Mentoring option as well.

Buy your Bees from us at

Case Studies


Meet Scott

Scott shares two years of beekeeping experiences in Hurstbridge Victoria Australia. He discusses why he recommends beginner beekeepers do a beekeeping course to build knowledge and why buying a nucleus of bees over catching a swarm is much easier. As a Carpenter and Furniture maker, he decorated his Langstroth Hive and built a 32-frame Horizontal Langstroth in his workshop.


Meet Mick

Hear Mick Wilmott, discussing his experience in getting into beekeeping on a Rooftop Terrace in the centre of Melbourne's CBD.

See how Urban Rooftop Beekeeping is not only possible but has had a positive impact on our ecosystem.


Meet Krissy

Krissy is a Backyard Beekeeper, based in Wallan, Victoria Australia. After attending a Live Beekeeping Course and having some Onsite Mentoring with Nathan Stewart she built her confidence, set up her flow hive, installed a strong colony of bees and harvested loads of honey all in her first year of beekeeping!

Watch her share her experience here.

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